Rustless T-shirt 'Spirit of Triumph'

Spirit of Triumph


例えば愛車に問題が発生した時、そしてそれが自分の力で解決できない範疇のものと分かった時に感じるやるせなさ。好きで好きでたまらないのに、そこから与えられるものは時として喜びだけではない場合も多いのではないでしょうか? しかし、我々はそれでも鉄の塊との戯れを止めようとはしません。 


このマスコットの名は「スピリット オブ トライアンフ」(勝利への魂)。




'Spirit of Triumph'

This mascot was originally designed for an Italian luxury car maker in around 1930 by the renowned French mascot artist F.Bazin and it is believed that the reproduction ones were produced as one of ordinary motoring accessories later in the UK and this winged man is known as "Spirit of Triumph".

We feel devotion to motorings and motorcyclings from his pose, how he hold the wheel and the angle of his neck is showing respect or even awe-inspiring to the wheel as if it is a god. When we work on our machines, we need to face with problems time by time and they sometimes make you suffer although they are supposed to be your enjoyment and treasure. Troubles usually become just a laugh and good experience afterwards and we forget how tough that was once we have a good ride/drive.

Without noticing, we do devote ourselves to the chunk of metals for our pleasure.
"Devotion to motorings and motorcyclings", this is the type of people who we are.

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