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Here is our main logo T!

This 'R' was inspired from the British hallmarks, stamped on products made from precious metals, the history of the stamping office can be dated back to 14th century. And the stamps tell you where and when the products were made and what the material is.

On vehicles, there are also stamps on engines, frame and parts for the record of manufacturing.

The meaning among them are overlapped and the pleasure to imagine about the place where the jewelry came from and the person (or people) who used to own is exactly the same as we think about our vehicles.

Although those stamps are quite often not aligned and just rows of numbers and alphabets, they are charming in a way.

The design around the 'R' is, as you may realise already, based on the Union Jack and we wanted to add a spice of the Art Deco with the famous Sunburst motif from the era.

It is a simple design but we wish you can hear something whispering from the logo!

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